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Cherrie On Top Youth Center Impact

March 16, 2016


Our primary source for connecting with youth living in urban communities is to partner with schools, other life-skill community organizations, Community Leaders, The Business Chambers of Commerce, Corporate Managers, Community and  HBCU Colleges, Students and more. This is how we reach about 4,655 families a year.



Fast Facts


Of our youth are now participating more in positive activities.




Of our youth practice life skills that infuse professionalism and educational achievement

(Higher education).



Of our youth have more support and  better job connections and resources because of our employement program.



Of our teens actively volunteer and serve on our board to be mentored for future leadership roles. 




Social Theory

 For the past three decades, minority youth that live in low SES neighborhoods are being succumbed to the behavioral patterns of their environment. Some of the patterns consist of crime involvement, incarceration, teen pregnancy, unprotected sex, and school drop outs. These social behavior patterns are becoming the norm in their society and undoubtedly a phenomenal occurrence. This problem affects each individual’s life and choices. Cherrie on Top Youth organization believes that this phenomenon occurred because of the lack of awareness and exposure to other possible opportunities.  Our theory is, if youth are exposed to diverse life skills, then their life choices will be broaden.  Through our program, we will imbue youth to three important key factors that will lead to potential behavioral change; altering the way they perceive the incoming stimuli from their environment.


OUR MISSION is to infuse youth to be strong steadfast professionals; specializing in diverse life skills and positive influence through active programs.

We believe that every youth, no matter the social economic statues should be equipped with the skills to reach their fullest potential in life.

We believe that positive outlets can influence the perception of the world inner-city youth live in.

We believe that with a consistent amount of positive influence and family oriented parents, youth will become more equipped for a better life.



The Center is devoted to teaching youth the value of making positive life choices. We will expose the youth to diversity, basic life skills, and professional career development.  With these goals set, the youth will have complete access to a productive life, reaching their personal best in their current living environments.


Simulation can be used to show the eventual real effects of alternative conditions and courses of action. With these embedded in our program, youth will learn an unconventional way of life that will not only disqualify them from the societal norm, but simply offer other avenues for broader ways of living.

Infusing a New Way of Thinking

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves – Buddha.


Cherrie on Top Youth Organization believes that we must infuse our poverty stricken youth with a new way of thinking. Not everyone will be born with parents who care, nice homes, or financial freedom. Most individuals won't live the life of a movie star, but we know that they can still live a prosperous life if they change their way of thinking.  How can Cherrie on Top help?  Whenever our volunteers, speakers, or personal guest work with the youth, we prep them to engulf the youth with what we call, “positive imprints”.  When youth only speak and think of the negatives in life, we must find ways to show them that the most horrible moments can be the most rewarding. It will take a lot of work to change the minds of the underserved community but we know that anything is possible if you believe!



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