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Meet our Founder and CEO



Sharea Quarles grew up on the North West side of Houston Texas. Her mother was a well devoted school teacher, while her father wasn't present due to a horrible drug addiction. Sharea's mother decided to further her education, so she needed help raising Sharea. Larry and Dorthy Leonard, the Pastor and First lady of Sharea's church took her in at six weeks old. This caused Sharea to go back and forth from an unstable environment, to a more secure and family oriented household. She was taught self esteem and morality, she traveled, stayed in hotels, met successful people, and experienced extra assistance from maids and support staff. When she would leave her God parent's house, life was the complete opposite at her mom's apartment. To release stress she would hang out with friends on Desoto Street. Desoto was full of crime, sex, drugs, and a lack of resources. She would witness things kids her age should never witness. Even though it was dangerous, she continued to hang with her friends because she loved them and deep down inside she wanted to help them, show them that it was more to life than Acres homes. Every day she walked down those streets feeling like God was divinely protecting her. She also understood that God was teaching her not to judge anyone based on their environment, for she understood and lived both lifestyles. She began to ask herself why me?

In a day dream, after high school the vision became clear. She wanted to serve youth living in urban communities. She wanted to teach them the importance of diversity, strength in adversity, and the key steps to pursuing your dreams. It was perfect; the best of both worlds, the Cherrie On Top! That's what gave Sharea the mission and vision of the Community Center that will help change the world! 

Sharea has a BS in Physical Education and a Executive Masters in Public Administration from Texas Southern University. She was awarded T.J. Ford Unsung hero and Camelot LLC. great Educator Pendant in 2011, 2015. 



She is currently a motivational speaker, Coach for Spring I.S.D Alternative School, and Cherrie On Top Youth Center CEO. She wears many hats but it always leads back to one purpose, and that's helping youth. 





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