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The issue with youth all over the Nation!


It's estimated that 25% of our nation's youth engage in "high-risk" activities-heavy alcohol, tobacco, or drug use, delinquency, and poor school performance or non-attendance. An additional 25% are considered to be at moderate risk.1 Almost one -third of our youth fail to graduate from high school. Teen pregnancy is increasing at an alarming rate. Every day in America, 40 teenagers give birth to their third child.

Because of these high-risk activities, youth become a burden to society instead of contributors.

​The number of our nation's youth exhibiting at-risk behavior points to a lack of skills necessary for adulthood-skills in working with others, understanding self, communicating, making decisions, and leadership.

These skills are required by adults for everyday living and are often called leadership life skills. The development of life skills allows youth to cope with their environment by making responsible decisions, having a better understanding of their values, and being better able to communicate and get along with others.

The development of such skills though a systematic approach is Cherrie On Top Youth Center's foundation. C.O.T.Y wants to infuse youth to be strong productive citizens before it's too late to reach them as adults










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