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Mission: To infuse youth to be strong steadfast professionals; specializing in diverse life-skills and positive influence through active programs! 


We believe that every youth, no matter the social economic statues should be equipped with the skills to reach their fullest potential in life.

We believe that positive outlets can influence the perception of the world inner-city youth live in.

We believe that with a consistent amount of positive influence and family oriented parents, youth will become productive citizens in society. 

The Center is devoted to teaching youth the value of making positive life choices. We expose youth to diversity, basic life skills, and professional career development.  With these goals set, the youth will have complete access to a productive life, reaching their personal best in their current living environments.


*After School Program

* Life-Skill Simulation classes (cooking classes and more)

*Teen job training (16 and up)

Private Exclusive Programs * membership only

1 on 1 Life Coaching

Cherrie Book Club

Tutoring/ S.T.E.M.

Teen Cruising *Travel

Meditation and Journal writing

Super Carroll Enrichment/Sports 

Where did the name Cherrie On Top Come from?

Where did the name Cherrie On Top Come from? In 2008 Sharea Quarles, the founder of Cherrie On Top, was the director of a YMCA off-site Community Center. The neighborhood was called Cherie Cove. This small neighborhood was filled with single parent homes, theft, drugs, and crime. She loved her job and worked very hard to be a role model and support system for kids in that area. After her third year working at Cherie Cove, the community center suddenly had to close. One of her kids named Cidney Dixon said, "Ms. Sharea you should take over Cherie Cove so it won't have to close down!." Sharea looked up at the roof and said, "Jasmine that would be dope! because if I did own this place, we would have so much fun and I would make sure you and your sister always had a place to go. My community center would put the kids first and always have something fun for you to do. Girl you wouldn't even know you was learning! Ha. It would be the best."I wouldn't name it Cherie Cove. I would change the name to the Cherry On Top!Do you like that name?"​Cidney dazed with a huge smile and said, "I like that name but we would need a red roof then that would be a cool community center! I would beg my mom to let me come! Sharea smiled back at Cidney and said, "I've always wanted a community center anyway. I'm going to do it one day"And the rest was history.


Thanks Cidney for believing in me many years ago. Wherever you are, know that you continue to inspire me to do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true! In return I know God will honor your dreams too!P.S. I will make sure to add the red roof soon :) - Love Ms.Sharea